Vehicle Wraps

Use Vehicle Wraps For Exhibitor Sponsorships and Advertising

Dark Souls Vehicle Wrap On BusWe work closely with event planners and any participating sponsors who want to use vehicle wraps for bus advertising in order to promote products, services or event information. We offer a wide variety of vehicle wrapping options, from entire bus wraps, to much smaller but still as impactful golf cart toppers. The type of vehicle graphics you choose to utilize for the event are entirely up to you, and we’ll help facilitate the entire process from initial conception, through final production, installation, and removal.

Shuttle Bus Wrap Options Include:

  • Full Wrap – Full height both sides, rear, and front. (All four sides.)
  • Half Wrap – Above the cargo bays on both sides, half of rear. (Three sides.)
  • Window MAX – Perforated window vinyl across windows. (One side.)
  • Billboard MAX – Above the cargo bays extending to the roof. (One side.)
  • Half Back – Half vehicle height. (Rear only.)
  • Ribbon MAX – 2’ high below windows & above cargo doors. (One side.)

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Besides large, eye-catching bus graphics, we can also work with you to advertise via smaller, more personalized mediums.

Headrest Covers Provided For People On The Bus

Headrest Covers

Bus promotion options go beyond the exterior and windows. Our headrest covers are made of heavyweight cotton and provide you two sides to place your advertising message or company logo.

Employee Driving Golf Cart In Building During Event

Golf Cart Toppers

Our removable topper with changeable graphics help advertisers create, achieve, and maintain a vital, progressive and persuasive image. Get your message across inside and outside any events or convention halls.

Dvd In Case Available On Buses

DVD Services

Sponsors and their partners have the option to send us completed media that they can display on coach TVs. Whether it’s a video, a slideshow, or event information, we will provide you with specs for your producer and work with you to make sure the message gets seen.


Available Transportation Services

Bus wrapping and other sponsorship opportunities are just part of the transportation services we provide for our clients across the country. We understand how important these events are to you, and how massive they can be in terms of overall attendees. When you have to worry about the logistics of preparing for 100,000 people, our team can help become part of your solution. Our full slate of transportation services will always include a thoroughly prepared shuttle service plan, helping guests get from their hotels to the convention or tradeshow, and can also move guests between the airport and their final destination.


Shuttle Service

Getting a large group from A to B has never been easier! Find out more about our reliable shuttle service today!

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Airport Transportation - Professional Driver Greeting Passenger

Airport Transportation

We can help ensure that every guest has available transport to pick them up and drop them off at the airport.

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People Riding A Golf Cart At An Event

Golf Cart Shuttle

It’s important to make sure that every guests attending your event has the ability to move between various exhibitions.

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VIP Transportation

Are you looking for VIP transportation? With our limo or sedan service, your executive can relax and focus on what’s important.

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