Destination Management

The Ultimate Destination Management Experience

When planning your next major tradeshow, convention, or corporate event, you need to ensure that the transportation experience for every guest is as seamless as possible throughout from start to finish. Destination management is about far more than just providing shuttle service: it means planning every detail starting as early as a year before the event. We map out every possible route (and alternate routes) and stay in regular communication with all the drivers so we can stay up to date on any updates throughout the day.

From Shuttle Service To VIP Transportation

our shuttle that provides transportation servicesWhen we begin planning out your transportation services, we always travel to the destination city and meet with the local police department, visitor’s bureau, and department of transportation. These relationships help us ensure smooth, clear transit throughout your event. We also drive all possible routes, and check city information for other events that may interfere with our services such as ball games, parades, or races. Beyond shuttle services to and from various venues, we also coordinate airport pick up and drop off, VIP transportation options, and golf cart shuttles at the venue. We look over every detail so you don’t have to.

Providing High-Quality Transportation Services

For over three decades, our team at Production Transport has been premier transportation services for clients at major convention destinations all over the United States and in Canada. Every event teaches us something new, and this let us provide a better experience for our clients at every subsequent event. We take an immense amount of pride in the work we do, and this is what has kept our clients coming back year after year for some of the largest events on the calendar.

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