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Working With Transportation Companies

Important Information To Provide To Transportation Companies

Organizing an event for over one hundred thousand people, like major industry trade shows or tech conventions such as CES in Vegas, is a major undertaking by the planners and every other involved party. One aspect of the entire event that can’t be overlooked is how people will move from the airport to their hotels, and from hotels to the actual event destination. As part of the planning process, transportation companies need to be brought in so that they can help organize different services for your guests. Communicating the following information is vital to a smoother run event.

Guest Details

Ok, so this may seem obvious, but in order to have the best transportation services available or your convention, the company needs to know just how many people will be there. This is ultimately going to determine how many shuttles they get for your guests, along with other smaller transportation options like golf carts. Also, make sure you know how many VIPs will be in attendance to start organizing special transportation for them. All necessary vehicles can be provided by transportation companies, but only if they have all the right information ahead of time.

Various Venue Locations

For the most part, the main event itself is likely going to take place at one large venue in the city, and these destinations typically have build in staging areas for shuttles to operate. In addition to this, transportation companies need to know all possible destination needs for your guests. They will likely be staying in a select few hotels, but knowing how many are in each area will lend itself to better uses or resources. If there is only a small group of people going to one particular hotel, then you might be able to use a minibus instead of a larger shuttle, making it easier for everyone involved. Also also talk to them about setting up airport transportation, which is just as important since people are on a strict deadline to make their flights.

Event Itinerary

There is no doubt that throughout the course of the day people are going to be leaving and returning to the main venue, but make sure you’re communicating when the majority of people will be coming and going. This is crucial to the larger planning process, since it allows the shuttle service to be organized in such a way that they can quickly and efficiently move as many guests as possible from the main venue to their eventual destination without having too much waiting around. A bad situation is when you have tens of thousands of people just standing around, with no way to leave the venue. If they start calling taxis, Ubers, or Lyfts, that’s going to create more chaos and traffic around and an area that’s already pretty volatile given how many shuttles there are. Procuring the right amount of shuttles is just as important as using them efficiently, which is why the overall planning process can’t be overlooked in any capacity.

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