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How Does Planning Work With Transportation Companies?

Planning a convention is no easy feat. When you need to incorporate a variety of different transport options to make sure your large event runs as smoothly as possible, you’re probably going to be working alongside an experienced and reputable transportation company. The amount you have on your plate just dealing with the attendees, the various sponsors, and daily schedule is pretty surreal. The fact that you can partner with a company specializing in all the transport requirements is a relief. However, this isn’t something that you can simply leave until the last minute. These companies usually need a year to ensure they cover every single aspect. Here are some things to be aware of involving the planning process.

Knowing What Vehicles You’ll Need

When you contact the company in advance of your event, they’re going to want to know as much information as possible. This includes the venue, estimated number of attendees, specific transportation requirements (whether it’s for the airport, VIPs, or something else), and anything else you can provide them. All of this information is used to help determine what sort of fleet you’ll need to amass. Then, they will begin sources the various vehicles needed. It’s safe to assume that the majority of transport is going to consist of shuttle busses. Holding approximately 55 people at a time (this varies slightly depending on the model), you’re going to need quite a few of these to make sure that attendees can move from their hotels to the event venue, or to any other required destinations during the duration of the event. The exact amount is going to be determined by the transportation company based on their projections, and experience in the past.

Site and Route Review

Speaking of past experience, you probably also want to work with a transportation company that has coordinated a convention at your venue. This is useful for a number of reasons, with the obvious reason being their familiarity with the city and the potential routes. Understanding the fastest ways to get your attendees to various venues is so important. Also, having a strong connections in the area, with city officials and law enforcement in particular, is going to help with the larger planning. You’ll be able to work out set routes for the shuttles, and will probably even be able to get certain roads blocked off for portions of the day. This will go a long way towards making the transportation experience as seamless as possible for the drivers and your attendees.

On-Premise Management

Finally, after all the initial planning stages have been completed, the work is not done once the actual convention or trade show starts. The transportation company should be providing on-site managers who are going to able to monitor activity throughout the day. They’ll help rectify any issues, whether it’s with vehicles, passengers, or drivers, and do everything they can to help fulfill in every possible capacity. When your people get where they need to be on time safely, you’ll be glad you worked with a professional and experienced transportation company.

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