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transportation service helpful for transporting people during events

Transportation Services For Every Convention

If you’ve ever attended any large event like E3 or San Diego Comic Con, then you’ve experienced the energy that comes from having so many passionate people in one place. There is a really excitement surrounding any tradeshow or convention, and keeping the guests happy and things running smoothly is what every event planner should strive for. One of the most important things that you need to prepare for is how you’ll be getting each of those guests from various spots, including their hotels or the airport.

How Transportation Services Get Guests Where They Need To Be

From a fleet of shuttle busses to an electric golf cart shuttle, there are a number of ways that a transportation company can provide you with the appropriate vehicles to keep things running smoothly. Here’s a bit more in-depth information about different transportation services you’ll likely be using for your big event.

Shuttle Fleet

When there are thousands upon thousands of people coming to one location from spots around the country, you need to make sure you can move large groups of them across the city in a hurry. Since large shuttle busses themselves usually carry no more than 60 or so people, you can start to get a sense of how many shuttles it takes to moves thousands of people over the course of any given day. Besides just having the shuttles available, mapping out the various routes and timetables is so important. There also needs to be on-site managers available who can keep people flowing in and out of the shuttles, various drop offs, and directing them to the right spot so there isn’t build up in one particular area. When planned far enough in advance, city law enforcement and the department of transportation can contribute by blocking off certain streets at various times throughout the day to expedite travel and move thousands of people at once.

Golf Cart Shuttles

Another important service you want to have ready for your guests is in house transportation via golf carts and golf cart shuttles. Since these can be powered by electricity or gas, you can have some using pre-determined paths inside these massive convention venues to quickly move guests around the floor. You can also have certain one taking outside routes, which is going to be handy for staff working the event itself who need to travel long distances on foot in a short amount of time.

Take Care Of your VIPs

Any event will also have its fair share of VIPs attending, whether they’re guest speakers, C-Suite level executives, or anyone else who needs a bit of extra attention. Some of these VIPs probably have a certain expectation regarding their travel accommodations, which is why you want to make sure that you have set aside various transportation options for them. These can range from luxury SUVs and sedans to private minibuses for a safe night out on the town. Having these options available is important to maintaining positive relationships with various companies and key stakeholders involved in the planning, promotion, and execution of large industry events.

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