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Don't Forget Transportation Services for Your Next Trade Show to Help Participants Get Around

Trade Show Transportation Services You Need

Today’s trade shows are incredibly large, well-marketed events that see industry leaders from around the world come together for a short amount of time in order to promote the latest and greatest products and new technologies that will change the business landscape. When there are so many people involved from not only around the country, but around the globe, the logistics of running such an event are quite daunting.

Create a Better Trade Show Experience With Well-Planned Transportation Services

One of the most crucial components of any large trade show or convention is the various transportation services you need to utilize in order to create a seamless experience for event managers and the guests. Transportation comes in many forms, and can serve a number of different purposes depending on who you have attending. Below are some of the more common transportation services you’ll likely be using throughout the event.

Shuttle Service To Move Lots of Guests Quickly

A common scene outside any trade show venues is going to be rows and rows of shuttle busses, each heading towards different destinations, and all moving in an organized fashion. This doesn’t happen without a massive amount of planning and coordination between not only the transportation company, but also event managers, and the drivers themselves. When everyone knows where they need to be and when they need to be there, guests can move in and out of the trade show venue without a hitch.

VIP Transportation

Regardless of your industry, you’re going to need specialized VIP transportation options for certain personnel, whether they’re C-Suite executives, special guest speakers, or even some event staff that need to move quickly between specific destinations. Regardless of who these VIPs are, you want to make sure you have SUVs or luxury sedans with experienced drivers to get these people where they need to be.

Golf Cart Shuttles

Both in and outside the trade show venue, routed golf cart shuttles can be a great way to move any of the attendees quickly from point A to B. The shuttles will usually run all day along pre-designated routes, so anyone on the floor can wave the driver down to hop on and catch a ride. This is a great way to quickly navigate around these massive venues, and it can be fun too!

Don’t Forget About Your Sponsors

With so many industry leading businesses attending your tradeshow, people will want to get their products out on display for people to see. Some of the most effective methods for this include a variety of vehicle sponsorship opportunities. Companies have created high-quality graphics that span the entire length of multiple shuttles, which means thousands of attendees’ eyes will see the ad, driving more traffic to a website or even a specific booth throughout the trade show.

Don’t Neglect The Importance of Transportation Services

When you’re in the midst of planning a major industry tradeshow, you need to utilize an experienced transportation company who has worked the biggest shows around the US and Canada. Production Transport has been in the industry for over 30 years, so we know what it takes to provide the highest quality transportation services.

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