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Be Aware of these Qualities of Dependable Transportation Companies

Signs of Dependable Transportation Companies

Transportation companies can help you plan and execute your convention with ease. They can be a valuable asset that reduce your workload in the weeks and months leading up to your event. However, if your transportation company turns out to be unreliable it can create even more panic and anxiety than if you hadn’t used them in the first place. To avoid last minute stress, look for transportation companies with these signs of dependability.

3 Qualities of Reliable Transportation Companies

Not all transportation companies operate at the same high level of service. Some won’t use luxury coaches and some won’t develop alternate routes in case of traffic. To make sure you are using quality transportations services, look for the following marks of reliability.

They Do Pre-Event Planning

Before your event even begins, dependable transportation companies will help you in the planning process. They will meet with local police, the department of transportation, and the convention and visitors bureau to determine the best, city-recommended ground transportation routes for your event. As the date of your convention or special event approaches, they should review the city’s special event calendar so they can plan for traffic caused by sports, parades, and other conventions taking place. This ensures your event runs without any unexpected, completely avoidable road bumps.

They Use Luxury Shuttles

Reliable transportation companies have high quality transportation services. These large, climate controlled coaches typically hold 47-55 people and help coordinate mass transportation of all your attendees. They also should feature on board restrooms. While your transportation company will work to minimize traffic, there will be an influx of 1,000-100,000 people because of your event that will cause traffic. Inevitably, someone will need to use the restroom on the shuttle bus service back to the hotel and you don’t want to make them wait. Reliable transportation companies know this and will only offer you the best services. They use luxury shuttles because they take pride in what they do and want you to enjoy all aspects of their service.

They Hire Professional Staff

The most reliable transportation companies depend on their staff for their impeccable service, so a good indication of the company’s dependability is the level of professionalism in their staff. Look for transportation companies who use clean, uniformed drivers and support staff. It shows they have pride in their work and are willing to help. It also means they are knowledgeable and willing to answer questions.

Citywide communication allows the best staffs to have city wide communication and stay in touch for the duration of the event. They’ll know important information like the number of passengers moved and the times of all the various routes. The most reliable, dependent companies are always working to be better and will take this information to improve service for their next client.

Plan Your Next Event With Dependable Transportation Companies

With over thirty years of experience and offices in all major convention cities, Production Transportation offers the reliable, quality service your convention or trade show needs to run smoothly. From the pre-planning stages up until the actual event, we can help with more than just transportation to and from the event. We can help with airport pickup and drop off in addition to golf cart transportation around the convention itself. No matter the event, we can ensure the highest quality service possible.

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