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Planning a Shuttle Service for Your Next Convention

Planning Shuttle Service For Your Next Convention

If you’re a convention organizer, or work at the large venues hosting conventions then you know just how involved the entire planning process is. It’s not something that you throw together at the last minute. With events that can sometimes have over 100,000 participants, it’s so important to stay on top of everything from venue layout, vendors, building maintenance, and transportation. When you have thousands of attendees, you need to rely on an experienced transportation company to handle shuttle service on such a large scale.

The Shuttle Service Planning Process For Your Next Convention

At Production Transport, we have over 30 years of experience creating custom transportation solutions at some of the most popular convention destinations in the US and Canada. Having been in the industry for so long, we understand exactly how important your transportation needs are, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you can focus on other aspects of the event while we deal with shuttle service and any additional transportation requirements.

Let’s Start At The Beginning

Typically, we’re contacted by organizers and planners at least a year in advance of any conventions or tradeshows. Ideally, this is when the planning process should start, but we’ve been able to handle events on shorter notice depending on their size. We like to get as much information as possible, including things like event location(s), number of participants, any venues such as hotels that participants are staying out, potential airport logistics, along with anything else relevant you can provide. The more information we have at the beginning, the better suited we’ll be to provide the best possible shuttle service solution.

Management Team Oversight

One of the many reasons why Production Transport has become such a reliable partner for planners is because of our management team. Once we have a scheduled event, our management meets with various local contacts to establish any necessary connections that ensure the smoothest possible shuttle service. This includes planning with the local police department, the Department of Transportation, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Establish a Communication System

Throughout the actual event, clear and frequent communication is essential to our process. We establish a citywide communication system between shuttle drivers, shuttle supervisors, our operations managers, and the site sales manager. This allows our team to quickly be aware of any issues that may arise, and can help provide us with immediate feedback if something unexpected occurs that will impact the seamlessness of your event’s shuttle service.

Driver Manuals

In addition to the communications system, we also provide every single one of our shuttle drivers with manuals prior to the start of your event. These manuals lay out every possible route, including alternates if they become necessary. Additionally, they include information such as pickup and drop off locations. We try to anticipate any issues before they occur, and these manuals will help drivers find solutions for those issues.

Let a Professional Transportation Company Handle Your Event’s Shuttle Service

When you choose to work with Production Transport, you’re getting more than just top tier shuttle service. We will be your partners throughout the entire event, from its conception until it ends. Even then, we gather information such as route times, passenger feedback, and other data to ensure that we provide even better shuttle service at every subsequent event we’re a part of.

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