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The Effectiveness of Friendly Convention Shuttle Service

Important Aspects of Any Convention Shuttle Service

Planning an event where tens of thousands of people will be attending is a daunting task. When it’s a major industry tradeshow or convention, you also need to make sure that you’re appropriately catering to the various companies involved, especially if they’re going to have booths set up throughout the venue. You also need to think about the vendors, sponsors, and of course, managing the ebb and flow of both foot and car traffic. In terms of getting the large of amount of guests where they need to be, shuttle service is a must have.

What Determines The Effectiveness of Convention Shuttle Service?

Any trade show or convention planner knows that seamless transportation can make or break the event. If you have guests who aren’t able to effectively get to and from the venue from the hotels or airports, then their overall experience is going to be worse, making future events less appealing. Below are some factors that contribute to successful shuttle service.

An Experienced Transportation Company

One thing that can’t be overlooked when trying to organize shuttle service for your upcoming big event is the experience of the transportation company you choose. Hiring a team that hasn’t planned for a large event is going to cause more harm than good. While the number of years can vary depending on the specifics you’re looking for, you typically want to hire a company that has been around the block a few times, and has worked at nearly every major trade show destination around the country. This is so invaluable, because they don’t need to spend time researching the destination, and can instead focus on using the various connections they’ve established over the years to create the best solution for your event.

Extensive Planning

Efficient shuttle services is not something that happens overnight. Ideally, you should have already picked out the transportation company you’re working with a year in advance of the event. This gives them adequate time to perform duties necessary to fulfill your transportation needs. For example, sourcing enough shuttles to accommodate your guests is not a short term request. Reserving the amount of shuttles necessary happens well in advance of your event. It’s also imperative that the transportation company contacts key players in the city such as the Department of Transportation and the local Police so that routes can be mapped out and pre-designated, allowing for smoother transport to and from the venue.  

Reliable Drivers

Sourcing all those shuttles won’t be of any use if you don’t have the drivers for them! Experienced and skilled shuttle drivers are an important component to the overall event, since you’re relying on them to not only keep your passengers safe, but also get work closely with your team on the ground. On site transportation managers keep everyone organized, which is why you want to work with drivers who can be great team players, regardless of the situation.

Finding The Best Shuttle Service For Your Next Convention

Here at Production Transport, we’ve spent over three decades helping planners and organizers run some of the largest conventions and tradeshows throughout the United States and Canada. Our extensive planning process ensures that all your needs are met, and we create the right solution for the number of guests you have, along with any other specific transportation requirements.

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