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Hire a Shuttle Service to Make Your Next Convention Hassle Free

How To Source Reliable Shuttle Service For Conventions

3 Things To Look For When Booking A Shuttle Service

The key to finding a reliable shuttle service for your convention is looking at their pre-event preparation. If your transportation company is planning on simply showing up on the day of the event without doing any homework, they probably aren’t the company you want to be working with. While practice makes perfect, preparation is the key to success. Before booking with a transportation company make sure they do the following things:

Contact The City

Before you bring 1,000 to 100,000 people into a city, it is a good idea to get in touch with local contacts. Even if you are holding your convention in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, or any other convention city, by giving city officials a heads up, you are making everyone’s lives easier. That large number of people is going to flood the city, increasing traffic and general chaos.

When you use a quality, reliable shuttle service, they’ll take care of this for you and contact the police department, department of transportation, and the convention and visitors bureau. Not only does this help the city prepare for the influx of people, but they can also provide useful tips and tricks for navigating the city and the best routes to avoid traffic.

Check The City Calendar

If you are hosting your convention in a “convention city”, your event will likely be only one of several large scale event happening in town. Whether it’s another convention, trade show, concert, or sports game, this means more people and more shuttles that can impact the city’s traffic patterns.

A reliable shuttle service will know to check the city calendar in the weeks leading up to the event and know how to plan if there are coinciding conventions. Whether it means adjusting the pickup and drop off schedule or finding alternate routes, a professional shuttle bus service will be able to help your event run smoothly no matter the circumstances.

Provide City Wide Communication

Communication is necessary for any large scale event to run according to schedule. For this reason, a reliable shuttle service should provide citywide communication that allows shuttle supervises, bus drivers, operations managers, and the sales manager to stay in contact with each other. In the likely instance shuttles run into traffic, this open line of communication allows staff at the convention to keep attendees updated. On the off chance something goes horribly wrong, it allows for problems to be quickly solved so your event doesn’t experience any hiccups.

Using Shuttle Services To Help Your Convention Run Smoothly

Reliable shuttle service can make a huge impact on the success of your convention. They help people arrive safely, quickly, and conveniently so they can enjoy your convention without having to worry about navigating a new city. With over thirty years of experiences, offices in all major convention cities, and dozens of industry affiliates, we can promise friendly service and reliable ground transportation.

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