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Transportation Services Can Make Getting to Your Next Trade Show a Breeze

Get These Transportation Services For Your Trade Show

For any large scale events, especially trade shows, transportation can be a nightmare. There can be anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 people coming to a new city, trying to navigate their way to and from the event space. Instead of leaving people to their own devices, provide these transportation services to make getting to, from, and around your trade show a breeze.

3 Transportation Services All Trade Shows Need

Every trade show should look into booking the following transportation services for their event. Not only does it make transportation easier, but it also provides advertising opportunities for sponsors. Using a shuttle service, vehicle graphics, and golf cart shuttles, you can make your trade show the industry event of the year.

Shuttle Service

This transportation service is a staple for any trade show, convention, or large-scale event. By moving mass amounts of people from point A to point B on a regulated scheduled, shuttle services decrease traffic and help people get to your trade show on time. Since they don’t have to worry about navigating a new city, finding parking, or finding a car, attendees will be well rested and ready to network with other working professionals in their industry.

Your shuttle service should use large, climate-controlled coaches with on board restrooms for the convenience of your trade show patrons. Pickup and dropoff locations are conveniently located at hotels because, typically, anyone at a trade show is press or a company representative visiting from out of town.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a great way to promote products and keynote speeches as well as provide sponsorship and advertising opportunities. If you want to put a graphic on your shuttle service busses you can use any of the following options to promote your trade show.

  • Full Wrap: Full height image on both sides, rear, and front.
  • Half Wrap: Graphic above the cargo bays on both sides, half of rear.
  • Ribbon MAX: 2 foot high graphic below windows & above cargo doors on one side.
  • Billboard MAX: Image above the cargo bays extending to the roof on one side.
  • Window MAX: Perforated window vinyl across windows on one side.
  • Half Back: Half vehicle height image on the back window.

From full vehicle wrap to a smaller ribbon wraps, these striking advertisements travel around the city providing exemplary sponsorship opportunities. You can also use headrest covers and DVD services to display important event information or promote certain booths. These smaller sponsorship opportunities are a great way for companies at your trade show to draw people into their booth.

Golf Cart Service

Convention centers, and other event spaces where trade shows often take place, can be massive and getting from one end to the other can take several minutes. This takes away from the time you could be spending seeing exhibitions, scheduled events, and company booths. To help industry professionals move around the trade show with ease you should use a golf cart shuttle service. This allows safety conscious drivers to transport attendees around the trade show on pre-approved routes. To use the golf cart service, all you have to do is flag down one of the drivers and you’ll be on your way to your next exhibition event.

Plan Your Trade Show Using These Transportation Services

When you’re looking to plan your next trade show, whether for 1,000 or 100,000 industry professionals, we can help make your event a success. With over 30 years of experience and offices in all the major convention cities, our variety of transportation services are dependable and experienced. We’ve been working in these cities and this industry for years so we know what works best and still continuously try to find what works better.

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