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Get The Most Out Of Shuttle Service For Your Next Event

Trade shows are a really exciting time of year for industry leaders and attendees, but it doesn’t happen without careful and thought out preparation. Moving around people who number in the tens of thousands is no easy feat. There is an immense amount of preparation that goes into organizing transportation for a group of that size, which is why it’s smart to partner up with a transportation company that understands the venue, how to procure the vehicles, and how to properly plan transportation for an event like that.

Getting The Most Out of Event Shuttle Service

No matter what city the event is being hosted in, having a large fleet of shuttles available is going to make things run a lot smoother for everyone involved, from the venue managers to the guests themselves. Since you do need to move so many people so quickly, you need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of any transportation company and the services they provide.

Leaving No Room For Error

When you contact a company to help with transporting so many people, the details really do matter. Make sure you provide as close to an accurate number in terms of guests, along with every possible destination, whether it’s an airport, a hotel, or a drop off area in some sort of metropolitan hub. Knowing this information ahead of time means that organizers can get the right amount of shuttles, and not overpay and have to many, or worse, not get enough and have guests waiting around aimlessly due to poor planning. The more information you can provide about guests, including eventual destinations, the more cohesive the transportation strategy can become, and more contingencies can be thought out.

Make Sure Drivers Are Informed

Ideally, your drivers shouldn’t find themselves in a situation where they need to improvise or go off script. Long before the event starts, each driver should be provided with some type of manual or guide that discusses alternate routes, timelines, and any other relevant information that’s going to help make their job easier. This way, if there’s an accident of some kind, or a route ends up becoming inaccessible, your driver can simply look at the manual and know what to do without holding up others in the convoy. Communication is also so key here. If your drivers aren’t able to contact on-site managers regarding transportation issues, something that needs immediate attention might go unnoticed for too long.

Use The Space For Advertising

As a means of advertisement, busses will occasionally get a glimpse on the street, and sometimes a second look if the ad stands out in someway. However, at a convention or trade show where shuttle upon shuttle is lined up and you have people standing in line waiting to board, all of a sudden the sides of shuttles become extremely valuable real estate. Talk to the key stakeholders and various companies sponsoring or attending the events and give them the chance to purchase different available advertising space on the shuttles. They could highlight a new product, or simply provide information about their agenda at the convention.

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