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Essential Transportation Services At Every Trade Show

Transportation Services To Create A Better Trade Show Experience

One of the most exciting times for businesses around the country are industry trade shows and conventions. These large events bring the biggest influencers in industries together for a short time to show off new products, innovative processes, and promote their brand. There is plenty of media covering these as well, so everyone puts on their best show. With so many people attending these events (and from all over the country no less), there are a lot of logistics that need to be handled by the planners. Working out the event schedule for something so large is quite the monumental task, but it can’t happen without actually getting people to and from the event. If you attend one of these conventions, you’re likely to see a few different types of transportation services that keep people moving.

Continuous Shuttle Service

When it comes to moving a large amount of people in an efficient way, a fleet of shuttles is usually the best option. The actual planning of the transportation process happens well in advance of the convention. Routes are predetermined, and roads will more often than not actually be blocked off for certain time frames, making the entire transportation service even smoother for those involved. Drivers will typically have manuals or printouts indicating all primary routes, along with alternate ones in case of emergency. This is meant to streamline as much of the process as possible so that drivers aren’t waiting on communication from a site manager in order to pick up and drop off people. At many of these events, the number of guests can range in the tens of thousands, and each shuttle will usually fit no more than 50-60 people. This means you’re going to have a lot of shuttles running at once, which is why the planning of transportation services is so important.

Airport Transportation

Prior to and after the event itself, guests will need to make their way to and from the airport. You’re going to have guests coming in from around the country, and they’ll need to find their way to whatever hotels they’re staying at. Just like you want to have organized shuttle services throughout the event, you need to make sure that people get out on time. Organization here is even more important because people have flights to catch, and they (or you as a planner) can’t afford to be delayed.

VIP Transportation

For those special guests attending the trade show, they’re likely going to have their own transportation services outside of the usual shuttle service. Luxury SUVs, limos, sedans, and other high-end vehicles can be set up for use by a transportation company. Like the other facets, these details are usually worked out well ahead of the event since you’ll know which VIPs will be in attendance, and can accommodate accordingly. These options for VIPs mean they get get to and from the event at their own leisure, but also have safe rides for any nights out on the town, along with getting to and from the airport if needed.

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