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What Efficient Shuttle Service Means For Your Trade Show

Imagine you’re a guest at huge event like E3 in Los Angeles, or Comic-Con in San Diego. If you’re flying in from another state, you already have a lot to worry about in terms of booking hotel reservations, and making sure you know when each important panel is that you need or want to attend. If you’re involved in the overall planning process of these events, those guests are only a small component of the big picture. You also need to worry about nearly every other logistical aspect. This is one of the major reasons why hiring a transportation company to provide shuttle service is so important to the success of your convention or tradeshow.

Understanding How Important Shuttle Service Is

With so many things going on at once throughout the entire event, you need to make sure that certain facets can be relatively “turn-key” in terms of how well they’re run. An experienced transportation company will be able provide efficient shuttle service that can help get all your guests where they need to be before, during, and after the event. Here are a few ways that this can benefit you and the attendees.

Make Airport Transport Easy

For many of these large conventions and tradeshows, there are going to be a lot of out of town guests coming in from around the country and internationally. By establishing routes ahead of time and communicating this to all the attendees, any guests flying into major airports will be able to get to the hotel they’re staying at. This is even more important as people begin leaving the event, since they’ll need to get from the hotel to the airport (along with a number of other guests). Planning ahead for this is going to ensure that none of your guests have to worry about departing on time, and won’t be scrambling to get on the ‘last available’ shuttle. Removing this unnecessary stress from your guests is going to contribute to a better overall experience for all involved parties.

Constantly Move Large Crowds

Given that some of these events can have upwards of 100,000 people attending (sometimes even more), there can’t be any sort of under guessing in terms of the transportation needed. When the company begins sourcing the shuttles it needs, they’ll be employing local drivers and getting shuttles from nearby depots. The amount of vehicles needed is going to vary depending on not only how many guests there are, but also how frequently people need to be travelling to and from various venues, including the hotels, airports, and other important destinations. Well-planned service means having all these routes well planned, and typically blocked off during certain hours of the day to make sure the convey of shuttles can move as unimpeded as possible.

Create Advertising Opportunities

Shuttles themselves also present incredible opportunities for event sponsors and other advertisers to utilize that space. These vehicles are going to be moving back and forth around the city, seen by thousands of people every single day, not to mention all the passengers. Custom vehicle wraps can be designed and then used on the shuttles, which provides quite a large canvas to promote a particular product or company.

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