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Benefits of Hiring Transportation Companies for Your Event

Benefits of Partnerships With Transportation Companies

For a lot of people in any industry, large events like trade shows and conventions provide great opportunities for networking, learning about upcoming industry trends, and they can be fun too! However, planning for events that will have tens of thousands of attendees is no small feat. If you’re one of the people who is primarily responsible for the overarching logistics of these events, then you already know how important reliable transportation is to the big picture.

How Transportation Companies Will Enhance Your Next Big Event

As a planner, you need to establish a lot of relationships with different vendors, and maintain them over time so that when you need to employ their services, they have a good understanding of how they can best help. Transportation companies are no different, and they can be invaluable in providing shuttle service, airport pickup, and a number of other transportation services that your guests can utilize throughout the event.

Creating Easier Airport Pickup For Attendees

The majority of tradeshow and convention attendees are going to be coming from out of town, which means, unless they’re within reasonable driving distance, they’ll be flying. One of the ways that you can start their event experience off on the right foot is by having airport transportation services ready for your guests upon arrival. Having easily identifiable staff and drivers with routes pre-planned means that your guests won’t need to worry about finding taxis or waiting in line.

Treat Your VIPs Right

When you are hosting events with businesses from around the country (and sometimes the world) there are going to be a lot of C-Level executives, keynote speakers, and other VIPs who have a different expectation of service at your event. This definitely includes their transportation options, which is why you want to have private SUVs, mini-shuttle busses, sedans, or any other personal transport options. You want to keep key stakeholders at these events happy, which means making sure that the industry leaders are always taken care of in every facet of the event.

Create Sponsorship Opportunities

Another way that transportation companies can provide a more valuable experience for you as a planner, for attendees, and for the key stakeholders is by streamlining sponsorship opportunities. Shuttle busses are large canvases just waiting for advertisements to be splashed across their sides. Maybe you have a company who is launching an exciting new product and they want to get the word out over the course of the event. They can certainly utilize larger options like shuttles, but there are also other opportunities like golf cart shuttle toppers, DVD reels, and even seat covers! The more information that sponsors can get out about their product (or by promoting their specific booth location at the event), the more likely it is they’re going to see an uptick in foot traffic.

Establish Long-Term Relationships With Dependable Transportation Companies

When you create a lasting partnership with transportation companies, they can be utilized year after year. This means they already have an idea of how you like to plan and run your events, which makes the entire experience more seamless for all parties involved.

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